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MOST exciting #wine at Bloom 2016

“MOST exciting #wine at Bloom 2016: @Privatowine Reserve Pinot Noir. Like world-class aged Morgon/Fleurie; 92+

Via Twitter: your #pinotnoir @Privatowine are unique expressions of what #BCwine #terroir can achieve when paired with skilled winemaking. Hope 2 taste more”

~ Kristof Gillese

Privato could conquer the world with that wine!

“Maatje, I hope that you remember taking my wife and I on a wonderful tour of wineries in the Kamloops area and you told us that you saved the best until last – Privato. Due to the fact that we would be flying back from Vancouver to England, we were limited in what we could buy. Amongst the wines that we bought was the 2012 Privato (We thought that the wines we tasted at Privato were the best of the day) and as we promised, we took 2012 Pivato Pinot Noir award winner to France for the New Year.  We stayed with some very close French friends – who have been steeped in the French wine world – literally. for generations. They are both Burgundians, where the red wines are almost all Pinot Noirs, so it was natural to compare Debbie’s wine with some from Burgundy. Including two of their own bottles!

One comment from them was that Privato could conquer the world with that wine!  We all loved it!  They felt that the French wines were more complex, but that the Privato would please A LOT of people.  It should also be noted that two of the French wines were much more expensive than the Privato, so it was not a completely fair comparison.

We enjoyed Canada so much, we will be coming back in June, hopefully finding some time to get back to Privato and taste (and buy) a few more bottles of your excellent wine.

Please see attached two photos – one of the four wines that we tasted and one of the Privato breathing in the Mediterranean air – that’s the Med in the background, as the wine sat on the balcony.”

~ Bob Simcox – England

I strongly recommend a visit here if you are in the area

“If you ever spent time growing up on the farm this place will bring back memories.

Don’t let the country charm fool you. John and Debbie take the art of making wine very seriously. Their Woodward collection Pinot Noir was some of the best I’ve had in a long time.

The tasting room is beautiful, warm and inviting. I strongly recommend a visit here if you are in the area.”

~ V Roberto – Trip Advisor – Visited April 2016

What a place, a find, a diamond in the haystack!

“What a place, a find, a diamond in the haystack! The wines tasted absolutely amazing and I’m absolutely gutted that we won’t be able to buy any of them in the UK.”

~ Darrenn Debbie – Desborough, United Kingdom – Trip Advsior